The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Marshal of Aviation Semen Fedorovich Zhavoronkov

Zhavoronkov, Semen Fedorovich

Marshal of Aviation

* 11th of April 1899

† 8th of July 1967

(Семен Федорович Жаворонков)


1938-11-28 Kombrig
1939-02-26 Komdiv
1940-04-26 Komkor
1940-06-04 Lieutenant-General of Aviation
1943-05-31 Colonel-General of Aviation
1944-09-25 Marshal of Aviation


1934-01-XX 1935-01-XX Commanding Officer 107th Aviation Brigade
1935-01-XX 1936-01-XX Commanding Officer 106th Aviation Brigade
1936-01-XX 1936-11-XX Attending the Air Force Academy
1936-11-XX 1937-07-XX Commanding Officer 101st Aviation Brigade
1937-07-XX 1938-01-XX Commanding Officer V Heavy Bomber Aviation Corps
1938-01-XX 1939-05-XX Commanding Officer Air Forces, Pacific Fleet
1939-05-XX 1946-12-XX Commander in Chief of Naval Air Forces
1946-12-XX 1948-11-XX Deputy Head of Main Civil Aviation Directorate
1948-11-XX 1949-05-XX At disposal of the Ministry of the Armed Forces
1949-05-XX 1949-09-XX Attending the Military Academy of the General Staff
1949-09-XX 1957-01-XX Head of Main Civil Aviation Directorate
1957-01-XX 1959-11-XX First Deputy Head of Main Civil Aviation Directorate
1959-11-XX Retired
Picture source: http://www.Air