The Generals of WWII

Generals from Soviet Union Flag for Soviet Union
Portrait of Major-General Vasilii Ivanovich Tupikov

Tupikov, Vasilii Ivanovich


* 18th of December 1901

† 20th of September 1941

(Василий Иванович Тупиков)


1938-07-15 Kombrig
1939-11-04 Komdiv
1940-06-04 Major-General


1933-04-XX 1934-12-XX Commanding Officer 1st Rifle Regiment
1934-12-XX 1937-07-XX Military Attaché to Estonia
1937-07-XX 1938-07-XX Chief of Staff, XXXIII Rifle Corps
1938-07-XX 1939-04-28 Deputy Chief of Staff, Kharkov Military District
1939-04-28 1940-12-03 Chief of Staff, Kharkov Military District
1940-12-03 1941-06-22 Military Attaché to Germany
1941-07-29 1941-09-20 Chief of Staff, Southwestern Front
1941-09-20 Killed in Action
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