The Generals of WWII

Generals from China Flag for China
Portrait of Lieutenant-General  Song Xilian

Song Xilian


* 9th of April 1907

† 13th of February 1993


(Sung Hsi-lien)


1930-05-XX Lieutenant-Colonel (Post rank)
1930-12-XX Colonel (Post rank)
1931-03-XX Lieutenant-General (Post rank)
1935-04-13 Major-General
1936-10-05 Lieutenant-General


1930-05-XX 1930-12-XX Staff Officer, 1st Division
1930-12-XX 1931-03-XX Commanding Officer 2nd Regiment, 1st Guards Division
1931-03-XX 1932-01-XX Commanding Officer 2nd Brigade, 1st Guards Division
1932-01-XX 1933-02-XX Commanding Officer 261st Brigade, 87th Division
1932-08-11 1933-09-15 Deputy Commanding Officer 87th Division
1933-09-15 1938-01-25 Commanding Officer 36th Division
1937-02-XX 1937-09-XX Commanding Officer Xian
1937-09-XX 1938-05-01 Commanding Officer 78th Army
1938-05-01 1940-07-29 Commanding Officer 71st Army
1938-05-25 1938-07-02 Commanding Officer 88th Division, 71st Army
1939-11-22 1941-11-25 Deputy Commander in Chief 34th Army Group
1940-09-XX 1941-11-25 Deputy Chief of Education, Central Training Corps
1941-11-25 1944-10-XX Commander in Chief 11th Army Group
1944-10-XX 1945-01-XX Attending the 1st Generals' Class A, Army College
1945-01-XX 1945-03-XX Commander in Chief 11th Army Group
1945-03-XX 1946-03-XX Commandant of 9th Branch School, Central Military Academy
1946-03-XX 1946-11-XX Chief of Staff, Northwestern Field Headquarters
1946-11-XX 1948-08-XX Commanding Officer Xinjiang Garrison Command
1948-08-XX 1949-02-01 Deputy Commanding Officer Central China Bandit Suppression Headquarters
1948-08-XX 1949-02-01 Commander in Chief 14th Army Corps
1949-02-01 1949-08-XX Commanding Officer Hunan-Hubei Border Area Pacification Headquarters
1949-02-01 1949-08-XX Commanding Officer 14th Recruit Training Center
1949-06-29 1949-08-XX Deputy Commissioner Central, China Military Administration
1949-08-XX 1949-12-19 Commanding Officer Sichuan-Hunan-Hubei Border Area Pacification Headquarters
1949-12-19 Captured by the Chinese People's Liberation Army
1949-12-19 1959-12-04 Imprisoned
1959-12-04 Released
1978-03-XX 1980-XX-XX Member of the National Committee, People's Political Consultative Conference
1980-XX-XX Moved to USA
1983-06-XX 1984-06-XX Member of the Standing Committee, National Committee, People's Political Consultative Conference
1984-06-XX 1988-04-XX Vice President of the Huangpu (Whampoa) Military Academy Alumni Association
1988-04-XX 1993-02-13 Member of the Friendsship Committee, National Committee, People's Political Consultative Conference
Picture source: Courtesy of Yu Zixu