The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Colonel-General of Aviation Nikolai Filippovich Papivin

Papivin, Nikolai Filippovich

Colonel-General of Aviation

* 14th of December 1903

† 19th of April 1963

(Николай Филиппович Папивин)


1941-10-29 Major-General of Aviation
1943-09-28 Lieutenant-General of Aviation
1944-08-19 Colonel-General of Aviation


1938-05-XX 1939-08-XX Assistant Commanding Officer 70th Light Bomber Aviation Brigade
1939-08-XX 1940-08-XX Commanding Officer 65th Light Bomber Aviation Brigade
1940-08-XX 1942-05-10 Commanding Officer 1st Reserve Aviation Brigade
1942-05-10 1942-06-14 Commanding Officer 210th Fighter Aviation Division
1942-06-15 1942-08-19 Commanding Officer 264th Assault Aviation Division
1942-08-19 1942-09-16 Assistant Commanding Officer 1st Air Army
1942-09-16 1943-05-26 Deputy Commanding Officer 3rd Air Army
1943-05-26 1946-05-25 Commanding Officer 3rd Air Army
1946-05-25 1949-01-12 Commanding Officer 10th Air Army
1949-01-21 1949-10-22 Deputy Commander in Chief for Construction of Airfields, Air Force
1949-10-22 1953-05-16 Assistant Commanding Officer 30th Air Army
1953-05-16 1954-03-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 30th Air Army
1954-03-XX 1955-02-16 Commanding Officer Air Forces, Taurian Military District
1955-02-16 1961-05-XX Commanding Officer 34th Air Army
1961-05-XX Retired
Picture source: Courtesy of Ilya Mukhin