The Generals of WWII

Generals from Soviet Union Flag for Soviet Union
Portrait of Marshal of Soviet Union Kirill Afanasevich Meretskov

Meretskov, Kirill Afanasevich

Marshal of Soviet Union

* 26th of May 1897

† 30th of December 1968

(Кирилл Афанасьевич Мерецков)


1935-11-20 Komdiv
1938-02-22 Komkor
1939-02-08 Komandarm 2nd Rank
1940-06-04 Army General
1944-10-26 Marshal of Soviet Union


1921-10-XX 1922-10-XX Chief of Staff, 1st Cavalry Division
1922-12-XX 1923-04-XX Inspector, Main Militia Directorate
1923-04-XX 1923-10-XX Chief of Staff, XV Rifle Corps
1923-10-XX 1924-09-XX Chief of Staff, Don Rifle Division
1924-09-XX 1928-07-XX Assistant Chief of Staff, Moscow Military District
1928-07-XX 1930-05-XX Deputy Chief of Staff, Moscow Military District
1930-XX-XX 1931-02-XX Commanding Officer 14th Rifle Division
1931-02-XX 1932-04-XX Assistant Chief of Staff, Moscow Military District
1932-04-XX 1934-12-XX Chief of Staff, Belorussian Military District
1934-12-25 1936-11-22 Chief of Staff, Special Red Banner Far Eastern Army
1936-11-XX 1937-05-XX Military Adviser to the Spanish Republican Army
1937-06-XX 1938-08-XX Deputy Chief of the General Staff
1938-08-XX 1938-09-XX Head of Soviet Military Delegation to Czechoslovakia
1938-09-XX 1939-01-XX Commander in Chief Volga Military District
1939-02-13 1940-07-03 Commander in Chief Leningrad Military District
1939-12-09 1940-03-13 Commanding Officer 7th Army [Finland]
1940-07-24 1941-06-23 Member of the Supreme Military Council of the Red Army
1940-08-15 1941-01-14 Chief of the General Staff
1941-01-XX 1941-10-XX Deputy People's Commissioner of Defence
1941-06-26 1941-XX-XX Arrested but released after a few days
1941-XX-XX Assistant Commander in Chief Northwestern Front
1941-XX-XX Assistant Commander in Chief Kalinin Front
1941-09-24 1941-11-09 Commanding Officer 7th Army
1941-11-09 1941-12-16 Commanding Officer 4th Army
1941-12-17 1942-04-23 Commander in Chief Volkhov Front
1942-05-04 1942-06-08 Commanding Officer 33rd Army
1942-06-08 1944-02-15 Commander in Chief Volkhov Front
1944-02-22 1944-11-15 Commander in Chief Karelian Front
1945-04-15 1945-08-04 Commanding Officer Coastal Group of Forces
1945-08-05 1945-10-01 Commander in Chief 1st Far Eastern Front
1945-09-10 1947-06-03 Commander in Chief Primorsk Military District
1947-07-31 1949-05-16 Commander in Chief Moscow Military District
1949-06-XX 1951-06-30 Commander in Chief White Sea Military District
1951-07-01 1954-05-XX Commander in Chief Northern Military District
1954-05-XX 1955-08-XX Head of the Infantry Commanders Advanced Training Course 'Vystrel'
1955-08-XX 1964-04-XX Assistant Minister of Defence
1964-04-XX 1968-12-30 Inspector-Counsellor, Group of Inspector-Generals, Ministry of Defence
Picture source: From: "Voenno-Istoricheskii Zhurnal, No. 8 2005"