The Generals of WWII

Generals from Soviet Union Flag for Soviet Union
Portrait of Marshal of Soviet Union Nikolai Ivanovich Krylov

Krylov, Nikolai Ivanovich

Marshal of Soviet Union

* 29th of April 1903

† 9th of February 1972

(Николай Иванович Крылов)


1941-12-27 Major-General
1943-09-09 Lieutenant-General
1944-07-15 Colonel-General
1953-09-18 Army General
1962-04-28 Marshal of Soviet Union


1941-XX-XX Chief of Staff, Danube Fortified Area
1941-XX-XX Chief of Operations Section, Coastal Army
1941-08-22 1942-07-29 Chief of Staff, Coastal Army
1942-09-06 1942-09-09 Commanding Officer 62nd Army
1942-09-10 1943-04-17 Chief of Staff, 62nd Army
1943-04-17 1943-05-14 Chief of Staff, 8th Guards Army
1943-07-XX Commanding Officer 3rd Reserve Army
1943-07-12 1943-10-24 Commanding Officer 21st Army
1943-10-24 1944-10-16 Commanding Officer 5th Army
1944-12-15 1945-12-XX Commanding Officer 5th Army
1945-XX-XX 1947-XX-XX Deputy Commander in Chief Primorsk Military District
1947-01-18 1953-04-22 Commander in Chief Far Eastern Military District
1953-04-16 1953-09-XX Commanding Officer 15th Army
1953-04-23 1956-01-05 First Deputy Commander in Chief Far Eastern Military District
1956-01-13 1957-11-16 Commander in Chief Ural Military District
1957-11-16 1960-10-26 Commander in Chief Leningrad Military District
1960-10-26 1963-03-13 Commander in Chief Moscow Military District
1963-03-06 1972-02-09 Commander in Chief of Strategic Missile Forces
1963-XX-XX 1972-XX-XX Deputy Minister of Defence
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