The Generals of WWII

Generals from Japan Flag for Japan
Portrait of Major-General Satoshi Kofuji

Kofuji, Satoshi


* 25th of July 1888

† 15th of October 1943

(小藤 恵)

(こふじ さとし)


1932-04-11 Colonel
1939-07-06 Major-General


1929-03-16 1933-03-18 Instructor at the War College
1933-03-18 1935-08-01 Chief of Assignments Branch, Personnel Bureau, Ministry of War
1935-08-01 1936-03-27 Commanding Officer 1st Infantry Regiment
1936-03-27 1936-07-10 In reserve
1936-07-10 Retired
1937-09-11 Recalled
1937-09-11 1938-12-XX Chief of Staff, 18th Division
1938-12-XX Retired
1939-02-XX Recalled
1939-02-XX 1941-03-01 Attached to the General Staff
1941-03-01 1942-03-23 Chairman of the Japanese-Chinese War Military History Committee, General Staff
1942-03-23 1943-10-15 Head of Japanese Military History Section, General Staff