The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Army General Semen Pavlovich Ivanov

Ivanov, Semen Pavlovich

Army General

* 18th of August 1907

† 31st of August 1993

(Семен Павлович Иванов)


1942-01-13 Colonel
1942-10-14 Major-General
1943-01-19 Lieutenant-General
1945-04-19 Colonel-General
1968-02-22 Army General


1940-01-24 1940-06-10 Chief of Staff, I Corps, Finland
1941-06-10 1941-12-27 Chief of Operations Section, 13th Army
1941-12-27 1942-07-23 Chief of Staff, 38th Army
1942-07-26 1942-08-06 Chief of Staff, 1st Tank Army
1942-08-01 1942-10-22 Chief of Staff, 1st Guards Army
1942-12-11 1943-05-30 Chief of Staff, Southwestern Front
1943-05-31 1943-10-20 Chief of Staff, Voronezh Front
1943-10-20 1943-11-11 Chief of Staff, 1st Ukrainian Front
1943-11-22 1944-06-02 Chief of Staff, Transcaucasian Front
1944-10-29 1945-06-15 Chief of Staff, 3rd Ukrainian Front
1945-08-01 1946-03-04 Chief of Staff, Far Eastern Command
1946-03-05 1948-11-12 First Deputy Commander in Chief Belorussian Military District
1946-03-05 1948-11-12 Chief of Staff, Belorussian Military District
1948-11-12 1952-06-16 First Deputy Commander in Chief Soviet Group of Forces in Germany
1948-11-12 1952-06-16 Chief of Staff, Soviet Group of Forces in Germany
1952-06-17 1953-07-XX First Deputy Commander in Chief Odessa Military District
1952-06-17 1953-07-XX Chief of Staff, Odessa Military District
1953-07-XX 1956-03-XX First Deputy Commander in Chief Moscow Military District
1953-07-XX 1956-03-XX Chief of Staff, Moscow Military District
1956-04-02 1959-09-16 First Deputy Commander in Chief Kiev Military District
1956-04-02 1959-09-16 Chief of Staff, Kiev Military District
1959-09-16 1962-12-30 Head of Main Operations Directorate, General Staff
1963-03-04 1964-11-02 First Deputy Commander in Chief Siberian Military District
1963-03-04 1964-11-02 Chief of Staff, Siberian Military District
1964-11-02 1968-04-22 Commander in Chief Siberian Military District
1968-05-24 1973-02-04 Commandant of the Military Academy of the General Staff
1973-02-04 1992-05-XX Inspector-Counsellor, Group of Inspector-Generals, Ministry of Defence
1992-05-XX Retired
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