The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Takeo Imai

Imai, Takeo


* 23rd of February 1900

† 12th of June 1982


(いまい たけお)


1939-03-09 Colonel
1941-03-01 Major-General


1937-10-12 1939-03-09 Attached to the General Staff
1939-03-09 1939-09-18 Chief of 7th Section (Asian Intelligence), 2nd Section, General Staff
1939-09-18 1941-08-01 Chief of 2nd Section, China Expeditionary Army
1941-08-01 1942-08-31 Commanding Officer 141st Infantry Regiment [Philippines]
1942-08-31 1942-11-01 Chief of 4th Section, China Expeditionary Army
1942-11-01 1943-03-01 Attached to the Ministry of Greater Asia
1943-03-01 1944-08-30 Military Adviser to the Ministry of Greater Asia
1944-08-30 1945-09-XX Deputy Chief of Staff, China Expeditionary Army
1947-01-XX Retired