The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General of Aviation Ibragim Magometovich Dzusov

Dzusov, Ibragim Magometovich

Major-General of Aviation

* 16th of March 1905

† 28th of October 1980

(Ибрагим Магометович Дзусов)


1944-05-11 Major-General of Aviation


1939-01-XX 1939-09-XX Commanding Officer 45th Fighter Aviation Regiment
1939-09-XX 1940-05-XX Attending the Air Force Academy
1940-05-XX 1942-09-20 Commanding Officer 45th Fighter Aviation Regiment
1942-09-20 1943-02-13 Commanding Officer 25th Reserve Aviation Regiment
1943-02-13 1943-05-18 Commanding Officer 45th Fighter Aviation Regiment
1943-05-18 1943-06-17 Commanding Officer 216th Mixed Aviation Division
1943-06-17 1944-05-20 Commanding Officer 9th Guards Fighter Aviation Division
1944-05-20 1946-02-XX Commanding Officer VI Fighter Aviation Corps
1946-02-XX 1948-02-XX Attending the Military Academy of the General Staff
1948-02-XX 1949-06-XX Assistant Commanding Officer 16th Air Army
1949-06-XX 1951-10-XX Assistant Commanding Officer 57th Air Army
1951-10-XX 1955-05-17 Head of Krasnoiarsk Directorate, Civil Air Fleet
1955-05-17 Retired
Picture source: Courtesy of Mikhail Eremenko