The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Richard Ernest Barker

Barker, Richard Ernest


* 3rd of October 1888

† 6th of April 1962

(Royal Signals)


1932-02-23 Lieutenant-Colonel
1936-02-23 Colonel (Dated back to 1935-02-23)
1940-02-14 Acting Brigadier
1941-02-25 Acting Major-General
1942-04-13 Temporary Brigadier
1944-12-13 Granted the honorary rank of Major-General


1932-XX-XX 1936-XX-XX Commanding Officer 1st Divisional Signals
1936-02-23 1936-09-08 Half-pay
1936-09-08 1937-01-13 Chief Signal Officer, Palestine
1937-01-14 1937-04-01 Half-pay
1937-04-01 1939-XX-XX Chief Signal Officer, Northern Command
1940-02-14 1941-XX-XX Signal Officer in Chief, Middle East Command
1942-04-13 1943-XX-XX Chief Signal Officer, Scottish Command
1944-XX-XX Chief Signal Officer, Home Forces
1944-12-13 Retired
Picture source: From 'The Royal Corps of Signals: a history of its antecedents and development (circa 1800-1955)' by R.F.H. Nalder, 1958