The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Brigadier-General Alain-Bertrand-Marie-Gaston d'Humières

d'Humières, Alain-Bertrand-Marie-Gaston


* 14th of January 1884

† 16th of May 1940


1933-12-25 Colonel
1939-03-23 Brigadier-General


1933-12-25 1937-10-XX Commanding Officer 9th Dragoon Regiment
1937-XX-XX Instructor at Centre des Hautes Études Militaires
1938-09-30 1940-05-16 Commanding Officer 2nd Cavalry Brigade
1940-05-16 Killed in Action
Picture source: From 'Revue Historique des Armées, 1979. No. 4'