The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of General 2nd Rank  Zhang Zhizhong

Zhang Zhizhong

General 2nd Rank

* 27th of October 1890

† 6th of April 1969


(Chang Chih-chung)


1935-04-04 Lieutenant-General
1936-09-26 General
1945-10-03 General 2nd Rank


1920-XX-XX 1921-XX-XX Chief of Staff, 3rd Independent Brigade, Sichuan Army
1921-XX-XX 1922-XX-XX Attending Shanghai University
1922-XX-XX Staff Officer, General Headquarters, Guangxi Army
1923-XX-XX Chief of Staff, 4th Division, Guangxi Army
1923-XX-XX 1924-XX-XX Commanding Officer Training Brigade, Military Aademy, Guangxi Army
1924-07-XX 1925-01-XX Member of Examination Board, Huangpu (Whampoa) Military Academy
1925-01-XX 1925-04-XX Deputy Commanding Officer Cadet Unit, 3rd Class, Huangpu (Whampoa) Military Academy
1925-04-XX 1925-10-XX Acting Commanding Officer Cadet Unit, 3rd Class, Huangpu (Whampoa) Military Academy
1925-10-XX 1926-06-XX Staff Officer, Eastern Expeditionary Army
1926-06-XX 1927-XX-XX Chief of Adjutant Department, General Headquarters
1927-XX-XX Chief of Training Department, Wuhan Branch School,Central Military & Politcal School
1927-XX-XX 1928-XX-XX Studying in Europe
1928-XX-XX Chief of Administration Bureau, Military Commission
1928-XX-XX Chief of of Training Department, Central Military Academy
1929-10-XX 1930-05-XX Commanding Officer Wuhan Field Headquarters
1930-01-XX 1930-05-XX Chief of Military Training Preparatory Corps
1930-05-XX 1932-01-XX Commanding Officer 2nd Instruction Division
1932-01-XX 1932-02-XX Member of School Affairs Committee, Central Military Academy
1932-02-XX 1932-05-XX Commanding Officer 5th Army
1932-05-XX 1933-12-XX Commanding Officer 87th Division
1933-12-XX 1937-08-XX Commanding Officer 4th Route Army
1936-02-XX 1937-08-XX Commanding Officer Beijing-Shanghai Garrison Command
1937-08-XX 1937-09-XX Commander in Chief 9th Army Group
1937-09-XX 1937-11-XX Chief of Administration Nanjing Headquarters
1937-11-XX 1938-12-XX Chairman of Hunan Provincial Government
1938-05-XX 1938-12-XX Commanding Officer Hunan Popular Anti-Japanese Self-Defence Corps
1939-03-XX 1940-10-XX Chief Aide-de-Camp to the Generalissimo
1940-10-XX 1945-05-XX Minister of Political Training
1940-XX-XX 1945-XX-XX Member of the Military Advisory Council
1940-XX-XX 1945-XX-XX Secretary-General of the Youth Corps San Min Chu I
1946-03-XX 1948-08-XX Commander in Chief Northwestern Field Headquarters
1946-03-XX 1947-05-XX Chairman of Xinjiang Province Provincial Government
1948-08-XX 1949-06-26 Chief of Northwestern Military Administration
1949-06-26 Joins the Communists
1954-XX-XX Vice-Chairman of the National Defence Council, Chinese People's Republic
Picture source: From 'Who's who in China; biographies of Chinese. Suppl. to 4th ed.', 1933