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Portrait of Brigadier-General Gustave Worms

Worms, Gustave


* 8th of September 1882

† 1943


1928-06-24 Medical Lieutenant-Colonel
1932-09-24 Medical Colonel
1936-05-28 Medical-General


1920-XX-XX 1932-10-22 Professor a École d'Application du Service de Sanité Militaire
1932-10-22 Attached to Bégin Military Hospital
1938-XX-XX Commandant of École du Service de Santé Militaire
1938-XX-XX Director of Instructive Military Hospital Desgenettets
Director of Medical Services, General Headquarters
1939-12-07 1940-07-06 Director of Medical Services, 4th Army
1940-XX-XX 1940-09-08 Director of Medical Services, 8th Military Region
1940-09-08 Retired
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