The Generals of WWII

Generals from Finland Flag for Finland
Portrait of Major-General Claes Bertil Napoleon Winell

Winell, Claes Bertil Napoleon


* 18th of September 1892

† 9th of January 1943


1930-12-06 Colonel
1941-12-31 Major-General


1930-05-22 1932-02-11 Commanding Officer Central Finland Regiment
1932-02-11 1933-07-01 Commanding Officer II Military Provincial District Organization
1933-07-01 1939-10-09 Commanding Officer South Pohjanmaa Military District
1939-10-09 1940-06-25 General Officer Commanding 9th Division
1940-06-25 1940-08-07 General Officer Commanding 4th Division
1940-08-07 1941-06-10 General Officer Commanding Gulf of Finland Military District
1941-06-10 1943-01-09 General Officer Commanding 8th Division
1943-01-09 Died of a Heart Attack
Picture source: Courtesy of Valdis Kursietis