The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General William John Victor Windeyer

Windeyer, William John Victor


* 28th of July 1900

† 1987


1937-07-01 Lieutenant-Colonel
1942-01-06 Colonel
1942-01-06 Temporary Brigadier
1946-02-14 Relinquishes the Temporary rank of Brigadier
1946-02-15 Granted the Honorary rank of Brigadier
1950-07-01 Temporary Major-General


1937-07-01 1940-06-30 Commanding Officer Sidney University Regiment
1940-07-01 1942-01-05 Commanding Officer 2nd/48th Infantry Battalion [North Africa]
1942-01-06 1942-09-27 Commanding Officer 20th Australian Infantry Brigade [North Africa]
1942-10-27 1946-01-07 Commanding Officer 20th Australian Infantry Brigade [North Africa]
1946-12-11 1950-03-08 Aide-de-Camp to the Governor-General of Australia
1950-07-01 1953-XX-XX Citizen Militia Force Member of the Military Board
1950-07-01 1952-XX-XX General Officer Commanding 2nd Australian Infantry Division
1957-XX-XX Retired
1958-XX-XX 1972-XX-XX Judge at High Court of Australia
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