The Generals of WWII

Generals from New Zealand Flag for New Zealand
Portrait of Brigadier Alan Bernard Williams

Williams, Alan Bernard


* 4th of February 1892

† 16th of May 1958


1939-04-01 Lieutenant-Colonel
1940-10-14 Temporary Colonel
1942-02-28 Temporary Brigadier
1945-09-11 Colonel
1947-11-07 Granted the honorary rank of Brigadier


1939-12-XX 1941-XX-XX Director of Artillery
1942-02-28 1943-09-15 New Zealand Army Representative in the British Joint Staff Mission Washington
1943-10-25 1944-12-18 District Officer Commanding Central Military District
1944-12-18 1947-04-30 District Officer Commanding Northern Military District
1947-05-01 Retired
Picture source: Courtesy of Alastair Downey