The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Brigadier Tom Warren White

White, Tom Warren


* 28th of November 1902


1942-01-01 Lieutenant-Colonel
1942-07-21 Temporary Colonel
1943-04-28 Colonel
1943-04-28 Temporary Brigadier
1949-11-01 Relinquishes the Temporary rank of Brigadier
1949-11-02 Granted the Honorary rank of Brigadier


1942-01-01 1942-07-20 Commanding Officer 2nd/1st Infantry Battalion
1942-07-21 1942-09-22 Colonel General Staff (Staff Duties & Training), Advanced Land Headquarters
1942-09-23 1942-11-19 Colonel General Staff (Operations), Advanced Land Headquarters
1942-11-20 1943-02-08 Brigadier General Staff, New Guinea Force
1943-02-09 1943-11-24 Director of Staff Duties, G Branch, Army Headquarters
1943-11-25 1945-01-24 Brigadier General Staff, G-3 Plans, Southwest Pacific Area
1945-01-25 1945-10-02 Deputy Australian Army Representative, Australian Army Staff in Great Britain
1945-10-03 1948-04-22 Head of Australian Army Mission, Allied Control Council Germany
1948-04-24 1949-11-01 Attached to the Department of Immigration
1949-11-02 Colonel A (Plans & Co-ordination), Army Headquarters