The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of General Isaac Davis White

White, Isaac Davis


* 6th of March 1901

† 11th of June 1990

(Regular Army)


1941-12-24 Lieutenant-Colonel (Army of the United States)
1942-07-04 Colonel (Army of the United States)
1944-05-28 Brigadier-General (Army of the United States)
1945-03-23 Major-General (Army of the United States)
1946-01-05 Lieutenant-Colonel


1941-XX-XX 1943-XX-XX Commanding Officer 67th Armored Regiment [North Africa]
1943-XX-XX 1945-01-18 Commanding Officer Combat Command B, 2nd Armored Division [Northwestern Europe]
1945-01-18 1945-07-XX Commanding General 2nd Armored Division [Northwestern Europe]
1945-07-XX 1946-12-XX Commandant of the Cavalry School, Fort Riley
1946-XX-XX 1948-XX-XX Commandant of the Ground General School, Fort Riley
1948-XX-XX 1950-11-XX Commanding General US Constabulary [Germany]
1950-11-XX 1951-03-XX Deputy Commanding General 7th Army
1951-03-XX 1951-08-XX Chief of Staff, 1st Army
1951-XX-XX 1952-08-15 Commanding General Fort Knox, Kentucky
1951-XX-XX 1952-08-15 Commanding General Armored Center, Fort Knox, Kentucky
1952-08-15 1953-09-XX Commanding General X Corps [Korea]
1953-09-28 1955-06-16 Commanding General 4th Army
1955-07-XX 1957-06-XX Commander in Chief UN Forces in Korea
1957-07-01 1961-03-XX Commander in Chief US Army Pacific
1961-03-XX Retired
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