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Portrait of Lieutenant-General of Medical Services Iuvenalii Mikhailovich Volynkin

Volynkin, Iuvenalii Mikhailovich

Lieutenant-General of Medical Services

* 7th of February 1907

† 11th of September 1998

(Ювеналий Михайлович Волынкин)


1944-05-25 Major-General of Medical Services
1960-05-07 Lieutenant-General of Medical Services


1941-06-XX Chief of ? Section, Main Military Sanitary Directorate
1942-03-XX Deputy Head of Main Military Sanitary Directorate
1942-03-XX 1945-XX-XX Head of Personnel & Training Directorate, Main Military Sanitary Directorate
1960-XX-XX 1969-XX-XX Head of State Research Institute for Test of Aviation & Space Medicine
1969-XX-XX Retired
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