The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Christopher Vokes

Vokes, Christopher


* 14th of April 1904

† 27th of March 1985

Nickname: Chris


1942-06-24 Brigadier


1940-05-15 1940-12-21 Assistant Adjutant-General Canadian Military Headquarters [England]
1940-09-26 1941-06-05 Assistant Adjutant & Quartermaster-General 1st Canadian Division
1941-06-06 1942-03-26 General Staff Officer 1 1st Canadian Division [England]
1941-10-07 1941-11-14 Acting Commanding Officer 1st Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Regiment
1942-06-24 1943-10-31 Commanding Officer 2nd Canadian Brigade, Sicily
1943-11-01 1944-11-30 General Officer Commanding 1st Canadian Division [Italy]
1944-10-26 1944-11-16 Acting General Officer Commanding I Canadian Corps
1944-12-11 1945-06-05 General Officer Commanding 4th Canadian Armoured Division, North-West Europe
1945-XX-XX General Officer Commanding Canadian Occupation Force Germany
Picture source: Courtesy of Clive M. Law