The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Viktor Alekseevich Vizzhilin

Vizzhilin, Viktor Alekseevich


* 18th of April 1901

† 1st of April 1970

(Виктор Алексеевич Визжилин)


1939-11-04 Kombrig
1940-06-04 Major-General


1938-09-XX Commanding Officer 131st Rifle Regiment
1939-01-XX Commanding Officer 253rd Rifle Regiment
1939-01-XX 1939-01-31 Chief of Staff, 72nd Rifle Division
1939-01-31 1939-10-XX Commanding Officer 72nd Rifle Division
1939-10-XX 1940-01-01 Hospitalized
1940-01-01 1941-07-27 Commanding Officer 130th Rifle Division
1941-09-XX 1941-10-XX At disposal of the Main Personnel Directorate
1941-10-XX 1941-10-11 Deputy Commanding Officer I Guards Rifle Corps
1941-10-11 1941-12-25 Chief of Staff, 26th Army
1941-12-25 1942-03-07 Chief of Staff, 2nd Shock Army
1942-03-14 1942-05-17 Commanding Officer 288th Rifle Division
1942-05-18 1942-09-XX Hospitalized and convalescing
1942-09-XX 1943-08-11 Commandant of KEmerovsk Infantry School
1943-08-11 1943-09-28 Head of Novosibirsk Senior Officers' Course 'Vystrel'
1943-09-28 1944-09-XX Commandant of Kalinin Suvorov Military School
1944-09-XX 1945-11-XX Commandant of Kharkov Suvorov Military School
1950-01-10 1952-04-25 Commandant of Riazansk Suvorov Military School
1952-07-XX 1956-11-23 Head of the Military Department, Saratovsk Agricultural Institute
1956-11-23 Retired
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