The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General C. Constantin Visarion

Visarion, C. Constantin


* 29th of December 1890


1934-05-10 Lieutenant-Colonel
1939-02-27 Colonel
1944-03-24 Brigadier-General (Reserve)
1947-XX-XX Major-General


1941-06-21 1941-08-18 Commanding Officer 16th Dorobanti Infantry Regiment
1942-05-10 1943-06-01 Chief of Staff, 6th Corps Area
1943-06-01 1944-03-23 Inspector of Examination, VI Corps
1944-03-23 Retired, but remained employed
1944-04-01 1944-06-04 Head of Inspectorate of Industrial Mobilisation
1944-06-04 1944-09-05 General Officer Commanding 20th Training Division
1944-09-05 1945-05-01 German prisoner
1947-06-15 Retired
Picture source: From "Armata Româna în al Doilea Razboi Mondial 1941-1945" by Alesandru Duţu, Florica Dobre, Leonida Loghin, 1999