The Generals of WWII

Generals from Australia Flag for Australia
Portrait of Brigadier William Charles Douglas Veale

Veale, William Charles Douglas


* 16th of May 1895

† 17th of August 1971


1936-07-01 Lieutenant-Colonel


1936-07-01 1936-09-30 Commanding Officer 10th/50th Infantry Battalion
1936-10-01 1940-04-02 Commanding Officer 10th Infantry Battalion
1940-07-01 1941-09-25 Commanding Officer 2nd/3rd Pioneer Infantry Battalion
1941-09-26 1941-09-30 Commander Royal Engineers, 7th Military District
1941-10-01 1942-02-11 Chief Engineer, 7th Military District
1942-02-13 1942-06-30 Commanding Officer Sparrow Force [Timor]
1942-XX-XX Commandant of Engineer Training Centre New South Wales
1944-03-14 1944-06-07 Commanding Officer Moresby Base Sub-Area
1944-06-08 1945-XX-XX Chief Engineer, 2nd Australian Army
1945-XX-XX Chief Engineer, 1st Australian Army
1946-XX-XX Retired
Picture source: Courtesy of Paul Godley