The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General H. Gheorghe Vasiliu

Vasiliu, H. Gheorghe


* 24th of February 1892

† 20th of September 1954



1932-XX-XX Lieutenant-Colonel (Căpitan Comandor Aviator)
1937-01-01 Colonel (Comandor Aviator)
1940-06-06 Brigadier-General (General Escadră Aviator)
1944-05-10 Major-General (General Commandant Aviator)


1940-04-06 1944-08-05 Commanding Officer 3rd Air Region
1944-08-05 1944-11-04 General Officer Commanding III Air Corps
1944-11-04 1945-03-05 Under-Secretary of State for Air, Ministry of War
1945-03-27 Retired
1951-XX-XX 1951-09-20 Arrested
1954-09-20 Died in prison