The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Komandarm 1st Rank Ieronim Petrovich Uborevich

Uborevich, Ieronim Petrovich

Komandarm 1st Rank

* 2nd of January 1896

† 12th of June 1937

(Иероним Петрович Уборевич)


1935-11-20 Komandarm 1st Rank


1919-10-06 1920-02-24 Commanding Officer 14th Army
1920-03-01 1920-04-05 Commanding Officer 9th Army
1920-04-17 1920-07-07 Commanding Officer 14th Army
1920-07-10 1920-11-12 Commanding Officer 13th Army
1920-11-10 1920-12-15 Commanding Officer 14th Army
1921-04-XX 1921-05-XX Deputy Commanding Officer Tambov Area
1921-08-XX 1922-08-XX Commanding Officer 5th Separate Army
1922-08-17 1922-11-22 Minister of War, Far Eastern Republic
1922-08-17 1922-11-22 Commander in Chief of the People's Revolutionary Army & Fleet, Far Eastern Republic
1922-11-22 1924-06-XX Commanding Officer 5th Red Banner Army
1924-06-XX 1925-01-XX Deputy Commander in Chief Ukrainian Military District
1924-06-XX 1925-01-XX Chief of Staff, Ukrainian Military District
1925-02-XX 1927-11-XX Commander in Chief Northern Caucasian Military District
1927-11-XX 1928-11-XX Touring Germany
1928-11-XX 1929-11-XX Commander in Chief Moscow Military District
1929-11-XX 1931-06-XX Head of Armaments
1930-06-XX 1931-06-XX Deputy People's Commissar of Military & Naval Affairs
1930-06-XX 1931-06-XX Deputy Chairman of the Revolutionary Military Council
1931-06-XX 1937-05-29 Commander in Chief Belorussian Military District
1937-05-29 1937-06-11 Arrested
1937-06-11 Condemned to death
1937-06-12 Executed
1957-01-31 Rehabilitated