The Generals of WWII

Generals from Brazil Flag for Brazil
Portrait of Marshal Aristóteles de Souza Dantas

Souza Dantas, Aristóteles de


* 9th of June 1894

(Aristóteles de Sousa Dantas)


1937-05-24 Lieutenant-Colonel
1940-08-25 Colonel
1944-03-31 Brigadier-General
1948-10-11 Major-General
1955-05-03 General
1958-11-11 Marshal (Retired)


1937-07-10 1938-02-16 Commanding Officer 4th Cavalry Regiment
1938-02-XX 1939-11-XX Commanding Officer 1st Cavalry Regiment
1939-11-XX 1940-05-XX Attending the Arms School
1940-05-XX 1942-11-XX Attending the General Staff School
1942-11-XX 1943-11-XX Temporary General Officer Commanding 14th Infantry Division
1944-01-22 1944-11-28 General Officer Commanding 1st Cavalry Division
1945-12-27 1946-11-25 Commandant of Resende Military School
1946-11-XX 1947-09-XX Commanding Officer Military Police Rio de Janeiro
1947-09-XX 1948-11-XX General Officer Commanding 6th Military District
1948-11-23 1949-03-05 Commanding Officer Military Police, Antigo Federal District
1949-01-XX 1950-03-XX General Officer Commanding 1st Infantry Division
1950-03-XX 1951-01-XX Attending the Supreme War School
1952-04-01 1954-06-07 General Officer Commanding 1st Military Region
1954-06-XX 1955-12-XX General Officer Commanding Northern Military Zone
1955-12-XX 1958-06-XX Chairman of the Joint Brazilian-United States Defence Committee
1958-03-XX 1958-11-XX General Officer Commanding 2nd Army
1958-11-XX Retired
Picture source: Courtesy of Paul Godley