The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Colonel-General Grigorii Mikhailovich Shtern

Shtern, Grigorii Mikhailovich


* 24th of July 1900

† 28th of October 1941

(Григорий Михайлович Штерн)


1935-11-20 Komdiv
1938-02-19 Komkor
1939-01-08 Komandarm 2nd Rank
1940-06-04 Colonel-General


1925-05-XX 1926-07-XX Military Commissar 7th Cavalry Division
1926-07-XX 1929-06-XX Commanding Officer 9th Cavalry Regiment
1929-06-XX 1929-12-XX Deputy Chief of 4th Section, 4th Directorate, General Staff
1929-12-XX 1931-11-XX Employed for Special Assignments by the People's Commissar of Military & Navy
1931-11-XX 1933-05-XX Secretary to the People's Commissar of Military & Navy
1933-05-XX 1934-12-XX Head of Directorate of the Affairs of People's Commissariat of Military & Navy, People's Commissariat of Military & Navy
1934-12-XX 1936-03-XX Head of Directorate of the Affairs of People's Commissariat of Defence, People's Commissariat of Defence
1936-03-XX 1937-01-XX Commanding Officer 7th Cavalry Division
1937-01-XX 1938-04-XX Chief Military Adviser to the Spanish Republican Army
1938-04-03 1938-08-04 Chief of Staff, Special Red Banner Far Eastern Army
1938-07-XX 1938-08-XX Chief of Staff, Far Eastern Front
1938-08-XX Commanding Officer XXXIX Rifle Corps
1938-08-XX 1938-09-04 Commanding Officer I Separate Rifle Corps
1938-09-04 1939-07-01 Commanding Officer 1st Separate Red Banner Army
1939-07-05 1940-01-07 Commander in Chief Far Eastern Front
1940-01-10 1940-03-XX Commanding Officer 8th Army
1940-06-22 1941-01-14 Commander in Chief Far East Front
1941-01-14 1941-06-18 Head of Main Air Defence Directorate, People's Commissariat of Defence
1941-06-18 1941-10-28 Arrested
1941-10-28 Condemned to death and executed
1954-08-25 Rehabilitated
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