The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Lieutenant-General Kotoku Sato

Sato, Kotoku


* 5th of March 1893

† 26th of February 1959



1939-08-XX Major-General
1942-12-XX Lieutenant-General


1932-12-XX 1934-08-02 Attached to 11th Regiment
1934-08-02 1937-10-13 Attached to 6th Division Staff
1937-10-13 1938-12-05 Commanding Officer 75th Regiment, Manchuria
1938-12-05 1939-08-30 Commanding Officer 2nd District, 8th Border Garrison Unit, Manchuria
1939-08-30 1941-03-01 Commanding Officer 23rd Brigade, Manchuria
1941-03-01 1941-08-01 Attached to 54th Division
1941-08-01 1941-10-15 Chief of Military Affairs Section 54th Division
1941-10-15 1943-03-25 Commanding Officer 67th Independent Brigade
1943-03-25 1944-07-05 General Officer Commanding 31st Division, China-Burma
1944-07-05 1944-11-24 Attached to Kwantung Army Headquarters
1944-11-24 Retired
1944-11-XX Recalled
1944-11-XX 1945-05-05 Attached to 16th Army Headquarters
1945-05-05 1945-10-XX Attached to Northeastern Area Army Headquarters
1945-10-XX Retired
Picture source: Courtesy of the Kohima Museum