The Generals of WWII

Generals from Poland Flag for Poland
Portrait of Major-General Jósef Rybak

Rybak, Jósef


* 7th of April 1882

† 8th of May 1953


1920-XX-XX Brigadier-General (Back dated to 01.06.1919)


1919-03-XX 1920-04-XX Head of Department I Organisation & Mobilisation, Ministry of War
1920-04-XX 1920-07-XX Chief of Operations 3rd Army
1920-07-XX 1920-10-XX Chief of Staff 4th Army
1920-10-XX 1921-01-XX Head of Polish Delegation to Treaty Signing Commission
1921-XX-XX Second Deputy Chief General Staff
1921-01-XX 1924-06-XX First Deputy Chief General Staff
1924-07-19 1926-08-09 General Officer Commanding IX Corps Area
1926-08-XX 1930-12-XX Inspector of the Army, Warsaw
1930-12-30 Retired
1939-XX-XX Recalled
1939-XX-XX Inspector of the Navy & Air Force