The Generals of WWII

Generals from China Flag for China
Portrait of Lieutenant-General  Ruan Zhaochang

Ruan Zhaochang


* 1890

† 26th of September 1982


(Juan Chao-chang)


1914-09-18 Lieutenant-Colonel (Beiyang Army)
1915-04-15 Colonel (Beiyang Army)
1920-01-01 Major-General (Beiyang Army)
1922-08-07 Lieutenant-General (Beiyang Army)
1935-04-10 Lieutenant-General


1916-04-XX 1917-02-XX Chief of Staff, 18th Brigade, 9th Division, Beiyang Army
1917-02-XX 1918-08-XX Chief of Staff, 18th Mixed Brigade, Beiyang Army
1918-08-XX 1919-07-XX Chief of Staff, Neiyang Army Headquarters
1919-07-XX 1920-08-XX Chief of Staff, Northwestern Border Defence Army
1920-08-XX 1924-08-XX Chief of Training, Army College
1924-08-XX 1926-11-XX Chief of Staff, 5th Provisional Division, Beiyang Army
1926-11-XX 1927-03-04 Commanding Officer 15th Division, Five Provinces Alliance Army
1927-03-04 1928-04-XX Chief of Staff, 37th Army
1928-04-XX 1928-11-13 Chief of Staff, 2nd Army Corps
1928-11-13 1929-05-15 Chief of 2nd Department, General Staff
1929-05-15 1929-12-14 Committee Member Shandong Provincial Government
1929-07-01 1929-12-14 Mayor of Jinan
1929-12-14 1934-01-23 Commanding Officer 55th Division
1934-01-23 1938-02-16 Commanding Officer 57th Division
1937-08-31 1938-02-16 Commanding Officer 69th Army
1938-02-16 1939-12-07 Chief of Infantry, Military Training Department
1939-12-07 1942-06-01 Deputy Minister of Military Training Department
1942-06-01 1943-08-XX Commandant of the Army College
1943-08-XX 1945-08-XX Senior Staff Officer, Military Commission
1945-08-XX 1945-10-10 Chief of Zhijiang Forward Command Post, General Headquarters
1945-10-10 Retired
1947-11-XX Delegate to the National Congress
Joins the People's Republic
1950-06-XX 1955-04-XX Staff Officer, Counsellors' Office, Yunnan Provincial People's Government
1955-04-XX 1956-06-XX Member of the Standing Committee, Yunnan People's Political Consultative Conference
1956-06-XX 1958-03-XX Vice-Chairman of Yunnan Kuomintang Revolutionay Committee
1956-07-XX 1958-03-XX Deputy Chief of the Working Group for Liberation of Taiwan, Yunnan People's Political Consultative Conference
1958-03-XX Removed from his post as a right winger
1977-12-XX 1982-12-26 Member of Yunnan People's Political Consultative Conference