The Generals of WWII

Generals from China Flag for China
Portrait of Lieutenant-General  Ruan Xun

Ruan Xun


* 1897

† 1950



1935-04-17 Major-General


1928-XX-XX Commanding Officer 74th Division, 29th Army
Commanding Officer 65th Division, 29th Army
1935-XX-XX 1938-XX-XX Commanding Officer Anhui Province Garrison Brigade
1938-XX-XX 1940-XX-XX Member of the Military Advisory Council
1940-XX-XX 1943-XX-XX Commanding Officer 2nd Detachment Self-Defence Corps, 1st War Area
1943-XX-XX 1945-XX-XX Commanding Officer 11th Independent Southern Henan Guerrilla Unit, 5th War Area
1945-XX-XX 1949-XX-XX Special Commissioner Runan Special Administration Area, Henan Province
1945-XX-XX 1949-XX-XX Security Commander Runan Special Administration Area, Henan Province
1950-XX-XX Executed