The Generals of WWII

Generals from China Flag for China
Portrait of Lieutenant-General  Ren Yingqi

Ren Yingqi


* 5th of November 1892

† 24th of November 1934



1921-04-XX Colonel (Post rank)
1922-12-XX Lieutenant-Colonel (Post rank)
1923-11-XX Colonel (Post rank)
1924-06-XX Major-General (Post rank)
1924-11-XX Lieutenant-General


1921-04-XX 1922-05-XX Commanding Officer 3rd Regiment, 5th Mixed Brigade, Henan Army
1922-09-XX 1922-12-XX Commanding Officer Henan Autonomy Army
1922-12-XX 1923-05-XX Commanding Officer 2nd Guerrilla Detachment , 2nd Mixed Group, Henan Army
1923-05-XX 1923-11-XX Commanding Officer 2nd Detachment, 2nd Mixed Group, Henan Army
1923-11-XX 1924-06-XX Commanding Officer 2nd Regiment, Route Expeditionary Army, Henan Army
1924-06-XX 1924-09-XX Commanding Officer 2nd Brigade, Route Expeditionary Army, Henan Army
1924-09-XX 1924-12-XX Commanding Officer 2nd Mixed Brigade, Henan Army
1924-11-XX 1924-12-XX Commanding Officer 1st Division, Henan Army
1925-01-XX 1926-04-XX Commanding Officer 1st Independent Brigade, Henan Army
1926-04-XX 1927-01-24 Commanding Officer 10th Division, Fourteen Allied Provinces Army
1927-01-24 1928-12-XX Commanding Officer 12th Army
1928-12-XX 1929-12-XX Commanding Officer 49th Division
1929-12-XX 1930-08-XX Commanding Officer 15th Army, 4th Route Army, National Salvation Army
1930-04-XX 1930-08-XX Chief of Staff, 8th Field Army
1932-06-26 1934-05-XX Member of the Military Advisory Council
1934-05-XX 1934-11-22 Member of the Standing Committee, Chinese People's Anti-Fascist Grand Alliance
1934-11-22 Arrested
1934-11-24 Condemned to death as Communist spy
1934-11-24 Executed