The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Iwan Pyrski

Pyrski, Iwan


* 15th of January 1906

† 11th of September 1967


(Former Soviet Army)

(Иван Михайлович Пырский)

(Ivan Mikhailovich Pyrskii)


1943-11-16 Major-General of Artillery (Soviet Army) promotion: 00.08.1944 Brigadier-General
1946-07-11 Lieutenant-General of Artillery (Soviet Army)
1958-02-18 Colonel-General of Artillery (Soviet Army)


Commanding Officer 796th Artillery Regiment
Commanding Officer Artillery 269th Rifle Division
Chief of Staff Artillery 60th Army
Commanding Officer Artillery 60th Army
Commanding Officer Artillery 69th Army
1944-08-XX Transferred from the Soviet Army
1944-08-25 1945-04-16 General Officer Commanding Artillery 2nd Polish People's Army
1945-04-27 Returned to Soviet Union
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