The Generals of WWII

Generals from Soviet Union Flag for Soviet Union
Portrait of Army General Maksim Alekseevich Purkaev

Purkaev, Maksim Alekseevich

Army General

* 14th of August 1894

† 1st of January 1953

(Максим Алексеевич Пуркаев)


1936-02-17 Kombrig
1938-07-15 Komdiv
1939-02-09 Komkor
1940-06-04 Lieutenant-General
1942-11-18 Colonel-General
1944-10-26 Army General


1928-10-XX 1930-01-XX Chief of Staff, 48th Rifle Division
1930-01-XX 1931-12-XX Chief of 2nd Section, Moscow Military District
1933-12-XX 1935-XX-XX Deputy Chief of Staff, Moscow Military District
1936-07-XX 1938-04-03 Commanding Officer 1st Motorized Rifle Division
1938-04-03 1939-08-31 Chief of Staff, Belorussian Military District
1939-09-26 1939-10-11 Chief of Staff, Belorussian Front
1939-10-11 1939-11-14 Chief of Staff, Belorussian Military District
1939-11-XX 1940-07-26 Military Attaché to Germany
1940-07-26 1941-06-22 Chief of Staff, Kiev Special Military District
1941-06-22 1941-07-28 Chief of Staff, Southwestern Front
1941-11-02 1941-12-25 Commanding Officer 60th Army
1941-12-25 1942-08-26 Commanding Officer 3rd Shock Army
1942-08-26 1943-04-25 Commander in Chief Kalinin Front
1943-04-25 1945-08-04 Commander in Chief Far Eastern Front
1945-08-05 1945-10-01 Commander in Chief 2nd Far Eastern Front
1945-09-10 1947-01-17 Commander in Chief Far Eastern Military District
1947-06-XX 1952-07-XX First Deputy Commander in Chief Far Eastern Command
1947-06-XX 1952-07-XX Chief of Staff, Far Eastern Command
1952-07-XX 1953-01-01 Head of Higher Military Schools Directorate
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