The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General of Artillery Mikhail Maksimovich Protsvetkin

Protsvetkin, Mikhail Maksimovich

Major-General of Artillery

* 28th of July 1897

† 5th of November 1954

(Михаил Максимович Процветкин)


1939-11-05 Kombrig
1940-06-04 Major-General
1943-09-01 Major-General of Artillery


1934-12-XX 1935-05-XX Commanding Officer Artillery, 2nd Artillery Division
1935-05-XX 1935-07-XX Commanding Officer 180th Artillery Regiment
1935-07-XX 1935-12-XX Chief of Staff, Air Defence, Leningrad
1935-12-XX 1938-05-XX Chief of Staff, Artillery Group, Leningrad Air Defence
1938-05-XX 1939-01-XX Commanding Officer 1st Air Defence Artillery Brigade
1939-01-XX 1940-06-04 Assistant Commanding Officer II Air Defence Corps
1940-06-04 1941-11-18 Commanding Officer II Air Defence Corps
1941-12-09 1942-11-12 Chief of Staff, Rostov Air Defence Division Area
1942-11-12 1943-10-09 Commanding Officer Tambov Air Defence Division Area
1943-10-09 1944-02-05 Commanding Orel Air Defence Division Area
1944-02-05 1944-02-24 Commanding Officer Lvov Air Defence Corps Area
1944-03-15 1944-04-28 Commanding Officer Cherepovetsk-Vologodsk Air Defence Division Area
1944-04-28 1945-01-31 Commanding Officer 79th Air Defence Division
1945-02-03 1946-06-XX Commanding Officer XIII Air Defence Corps
1946-06-XX 1949-10-XX Commanding Officer 15th Air Defence Division
1949-10-XX 1952-04-16 Commanding Officer Pskovsk-Novgorod Air Defence Area
1952-04-16 Retired
Picture source: Courtesy of Mikhail Eremenko