The Generals of WWII

Generals from Soviet Union Flag for Soviet Union
Portrait of Komkor Vitalii Markovich Primakov

Primakov, Vitalii Markovich


* 18th of December 1897

† 12th of June 1937

(Виталий Маркович Примаков)


1935-11-20 Komkor


1919-08-14 1919-11-03 Commanding Officer 1st Cossack Brigade
1919-11-03 1920-11-01 Commanding Officer 8th Cossack Cavalry Division
1920-11-01 1924-06-05 Commanding Officer I Cavalry Corps
1920-11-01 1924-06-05 Military Commissar, I Cavalry Corps
1924-06-XX 1925-XX-XX Commandant of the Higher Cavalry School
1924-06-XX 1925-XX-XX Military Commissar, Higher Cavalry School
1925-XX-XX 1926-05-XX Military Adviser to China
1926-05-XX 1927-08-XX Commanding Officer I Rifle Corps
1926-05-XX 1927-08-XX Military Commissar, I Rifle Corps
1927-08-XX 1929-05-XX Military Attaché to Afghanistan
1929-05-XX 1930-07-XX Military Attaché to Japan
1930-07-XX 1932-08-XX Commanding Officer XIII Rifle Corps
1930-07-XX 1932-08-XX Military Commissar, XIII Rifle Corps
1932-08-XX 1934-08-XX Deputy Commander in Chief Northern Caucasian Military District
1934-08-XX 1935-05-XX Deputy Inspector, Military Schools Directorate
1935-05-XX 1936-08-14 Deputy Commander in Chief Leningrad Military District
1936-08-14 1937-06-11 Arrested
1937-06-11 Condemned to death
1937-06-12 Executed
1957-01-31 Rehabilitated
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