The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Brigade-Commissar Serafim Ivanovich Priezzhev

Priezzhev, Serafim Ivanovich


* 1904

† 2000

(Серафим Иванович Приезжев)


1940-06-19 Brigade-Commissar


1940-XX-XX Chief of the Political Section, Air Force Academy
1941-02-17 1941-08-17 Military Commissar, 48th Long Range Bomber Aviation Division
1941-08-17 1942-03-06 Military Commissar, 52nd Long Range Bomber Aviation Division
1942-03-06 1942-03-21 Military Commissar, 24th Long Range Aviation Division
1942-03-XX Chief of Political Section, Long Range Aviation
1943-07-XX 1944-XX-XX Deputy Commanding Officer for Political Affairs, VIII Long Range Aviation Corps