The Generals of WWII

Generals from Soviet Union Flag for Soviet Union
Portrait of Lieutenant-General Bronislav Iosifovich Poltorzhitskii

Poltorzhitskii, Bronislav Iosifovich


* 20th of December 1894

† 1969

(Бронислав Иосифович Полторжицкий)

(Bronisław Półturzynski)


1943-09-15 Major-General
1944-01-XX Brigadier-General (dated back to 1943-08-16) (Polish Army)
1945-12-14 Major-General (Polish Army)
1946-07-11 Lieutenant-General


1938-XX-XX Chief of Staff, 17th Mountain Rifle Division
1938-09-12 1940-02-07 Arrested
1943-02-23 1944-01-XX Commanding Officer 166th Rifle Division
1944-01-XX Transferred to the Polish People's Army
1944-01-11 1944-03-04 Deputy Commanding Officer I Corps Polish People's Army
1944-03-04 1944-07-06 Deputy Commanding Officer 1st Polish People's Army
1944-07-06 1944-09-26 Head of Mobilization & Supply Department Polish People's Army
1944-09-26 1945-04-23 Commandant of Officers' Education Centre
1944-10-04 1945-07-XX Acting Chief General Staff Polish People's Army
1945-04-23 1945-07-18 Head of Infantry & Cavalry Department General Staff Polish People's Army
1945-07-18 1946-04-19 Head of Mobilization & Supply Department General Staff
1946-04-19 1947-11-19 Chief of Organisation & Mobilization Section General Staff
1947-11-19 1953-01-21 Commanding Officer II Military Area
1953-01-21 1956-12-21 Deputy Chairman of National Economy Planning Commission
1956-12-22 Returned to Soviet Union
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