The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Edward Chester Plow

Plow, Edward Chester


* 28th of September 1904

† 25th of August 1988

Nickname: Johnny


1951-02-XX Major-General


1940-08-28 1941-09-21 Commanding Officer 8th Field Regiment Royal Canadian Artillery
1941-XX-XX 1942-XX-XX Counter-Bombardment Officer I Canadian Corps
1942-02-01 1943-01-14 Commander Royal Artillery 3rd Canadian Division, England
1943-01-15 1943-09-13 Commander Corps Royal Artillery I Canadian Corps, England - Mediterranean - Italy
1943-12-27 1944-12-18 Commander Corps Royal Artillery I Canadian Corps, Italy
1944-12-19 1945-06-10 Brigadier Royal Artillery 1st Canadian Army
Director of Armament Development, National Defence Headquarters
Director of Artillery, National Defence Headquarters
Commanding Officer British Columbia Area
Senior Canadian Liaison Officer, London, England
1951-XX-XX 1958-XX-XX General Officer Commanding Eastern Command
1958-XX-XX Retired
1959-01-15 1963-XX-XX Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of Nova Scotia
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