The Generals of WWII

Generals from Soviet Union Flag for Soviet Union
Portrait of Major-General Anton Petrovich Pilipenko

Pilipenko, Anton Petrovich


* 1903

† 18th of March 1944

(Антон Петрович Пилипенко)


1943-01-19 Major-General


1941-09-13 1941-10-25 Commanding Officer 186th Rifle Division
1942-08-03 1943-01-14 Chief of Staff, 38th Army
1943-01-16 1943-01-21 Chief of Staff, 3rd Tank Army
1943-02-02 1943-03-23 Chief of Staff, Voronezh Front
1943-04-24 1944-03-18 Chief of Staff, 38th Army
1944-03-18 Killed in an air crash
Picture source: Courtesy of Ilya Mukhin