The Generals of WWII

Generals from Italy Flag for Italy
Portrait of Brigadier-General Enrico Pezzi

Pezzi, Enrico


* 22nd of May 1897

† 29th of December 1942

(Regia Aeronautica)


1936-XX-XX Lieutenant-Colonel
1938-XX-XX Colonel
1942-03-14 Brigadier-General


1939-07-XX 1941-04-XX Commanding Officer 41st Bombarment Wing
1941-06-XX 1942-02-15 Commanding Officer 9th Air Brigade "Leone"
1942-02-25 1942-07-XX Commanding Officer Air Forces, Corpo di Spedizione Italiano in Russia
1942-07-XX 1942-12-29 Commanding Officer Air Forces, 8th Army [Russia]
1942-12-29 Killed in Action
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