The Generals of WWII

Generals from China Flag for China
Portrait of Major-General  Pan Xianzhi

Pan Xianzhi


* 1909

† July 1973



1938-05-XX Colonel (Post rank)
1941-09-XX Major-General (Post rank)


1938-05-XX 1941-09-XX Chief of the Political Section, 148th Division
1941-09-XX 1942-08-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 6th Provisional Division
1941-09-XX 1945-06-XX Chief of the Political Section, 6th Provisional Division
1942-08-XX 1945-06-XX Commanding Officer Nanlin Garrison Command
1945-06-XX 1945-12-XX Senior Staff Officer, 20th Army
1945-12-XX 1947-04-XX Attending the Generals' Class B, Army College
1947-04-XX 1947-05-XX Staff Officer, Ministry of National Defence
1947-05-XX 1948-01-XX Inspector, 1st Group, President's Special Field Inspection
1948-01-XX 1948-05-XX Chief of Staff, 2nd Division
1948-05-XX 1948-10-XX Inspector, 1st Group, President's Special Field Inspection
1948-10-XX 1949-10-XX Deputy Commanding Officer Western Yunnan division area
1949-10-XX 1949-12-15 Commanding Officer Jiangbei Special Regimental District
1949-12-15 Revolts against the Nationalist Government
Joins the People's Liberation Army
Attending the Southwestern Military & Political University
1950-10-XX Member of the Strategic Research Committee, Southwestern Artillery Command
1955-04-XX Retired