The Generals of WWII

Generals from China Flag for China
Portrait of Major-General  Pan Qingzhou

Pan Qingzhou


* 9th of January 1910

† May 1975



1935-10-XX Lieutenant-Colonel (Post rank)
1936-12-30 Major
1937-12-XX Colonel (Post rank)
1944-10-XX Major-General (Post rank)
1946-05-10 Colonel


1935-10-XX 1937-12-XX Commanding Officer Independent Battalion, 23rd Army
1937-12-XX 1938-01-XX Commanding Officer 25th Security Regiment
1938-01-XX 1939-01-XX Commanding Officer 28th Security Regiment
1939-01-XX 1944-10-XX Commanding Officer Security Regiment, Sichuan-Shaanxi-Hubei Border Area Pacification Headquarters
1939-06-XX 1944-10-XX Commanding Officer Bashan Garrison Command
1944-10-XX 1947-01-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 164th Division
1947-01-XX 1947-03-XX Commanding Officer 56th Division
1947-03-XX 1947-11-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 3rd Army
1947-11-XX 1948-08-04 Attending the Generals' Class B, Army College
1948-08-04 1948-12-XX Commanding Officer 235th Brigade
1948-12-XX 1949-12-09 Commanding Officer 235th Division
1949-12-09 Revolts against the Nationalist Government
1950-06-XX Joins the People's Liberation Army
1950-06-XX 1950-10-XX Deputy Commanding Officer Dazhu Military Sub-District
1950-10-XX 1952-09-XX Member of the Southwest Military & Political Committee, Chuandong Provincial People's Government
1952-09-XX 1958-07-XX Advisor, Sichuan Provincial People's Government
1958-07-XX 1963-08-XX Member of the Standing Committee, Sichuan Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang
1963-08-XX 1975-05-XX Member of the Standing Committee, People's Political Consultative Conference