The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Yukimori Ono

Ono, Yukimori


* 21st of July 1893

† 3rd of August 1947


(おの ゆきもり)


1938-03-01 Colonel
1941-08-25 Major-General


1936-08-01 1939-01-17 Instructor at the Army Artillery Engineering School
1939-01-17 1939-03-09 Commanding Officer 10th Engineering Regiment
1939-03-09 1939-11-01 Commandant of Vladivostok Fortress
1939-11-01 1945-06-02 Chief of Technical Section, Kwantung Army
1945-06-02 1945-09-XX Chief of Ordnance Section, 1st Area Army
1945-09-XX 1947-08-03 Prisoner of War [Soviet Union]
1947-08-03 Died in a Prisoner of War Camp [Soviet Union]