The Generals of WWII

Generals from Japan Flag for Japan
Portrait of General Yasuji Okamura

Okamura, Yasuji


* 15th of May 1884

† 2nd of September 1966



1936-03-23 Lieutenant-General
1941-04-28 General


1923-12-XX 1925-12-XX Attached to the General Staff
1925-12-XX 1927-03-XX Attached to 13th Regiment
1927-03-XX 1927-07-26 Attached to 1st Regiment
1927-07-26 1928-08-10 Commanding Officer 6th Regiment
1928-08-10 1929-08-01 Chief of 9th Section (Japanese Military History), 4th Bureau, General Staff
1929-08-01 1932-04-11 Chief of Assignment Section, Personnel Bureau, Ministry of War
1932-02-25 1932-04-11 Vice Chief of Staff Shanghai Expeditionary Army, China
1932-04-11 1932-08-08 Chairman of Military Investigation, Ministry of War
1932-08-08 1934-12-10 Vice Chief of Staff Kwantung Army, Manchuria
1933-03-14 1934-12-10 Military Attaché to Manchuko
1934-12-10 1935-03-15 Attached to the General Staff
1935-03-15 1936-03-23 Head of 2nd Bureau, General Staff
1936-03-23 1938-06-23 General Officer Commanding 2nd Division, China
1938-06-23 1940-03-09 General Officer Commanding 11th Army, China
1940-03-09 1941-07-07 Member of the Supreme War Council
1941-07-07 1944-08-25 Commander in Chief Northern China Area Army
1944-08-25 1944-11-22 Commander in Chief 6th Area Army, China
1944-11-23 1945-09-02 Commander in Chief China Expeditionary Army
1946-XX-XX 1949-XX-XX Military Advisor to Nationalist Chinese Army
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