The Generals of WWII

Generals from France Flag for France
Portrait of Lieutenant-General Robert-Jean-Claude-Roger Odic

Odic, Robert-Jean-Claude-Roger


* 9th of August 1887

† 1st of June 1958

(Armée de l'Air)


1936-10-30 Brigadier-General
1939-05-01 Major-General promotion: 01.10.1939 Lieutenant-General


1938-04-03 1939-11-06 Commanding Officer 1st Air Region
1939-11-06 1940-03-23 Inspector-General of Reconnaissance Aviation
1940-02-23 1940-06-06 Commanding Officer Southern Air Operations Zone
1940-06-06 1940-06-18 Commanding Officer Central Air Operations Zone
1940-06-18 1940-06-29 Commanding Officer Western Air Operational Zone
1940-06-29 1940-08-06 Commanding Officer 29th Air Region
1940-08-06 1940-09-10 At disposal
1940-09-10 1940-09-25 Chief of the Air Staff
1940-09-25 1941-08-09 Commander in Chief Air Forces in French North Africa
1941-08-09 1941-11-XX Placed on terminal leave
1941-11-XX Fled to the United States
1942-06-17 Sentenced to death, military degradation & confiscation of all his property by the Vichy Government
1943-03-23 Recalled by the Free French
1943-06-25 1943-10-05 Head of the French Military Mission to the United States
1943-10-05 Placed on terminal leave
Picture source: Courtesy of Anonymous