The Generals of WWII

Generals from Australia Flag for Australia
Portrait of Major-General John William Alexander O'Brien

O'Brien, John William Alexander


* 13th of June 1908

† 1980


1941-03-05 Lieutenant-Colonel
1942-04-06 Temporary Brigadier
1942-09-01 Colonel
1951-04-03 Granted the Honorary rank of Major-General


1941-03-05 1942-04-05 Commanding Officer 2nd/5th Australian Field Artillery Regiment
1942-04-06 1942-05-04 Commander Royal Artillery, 3rd Australian Infantry Division
1942-05-05 1943-01-07 Director of Artillery, Army Headquarters
1943-01-08 1944-07-25 Deputy Master-General of Ordnance (Army Equipment), Army Headquarters
1944-07-26 1945-01-10 Special Duties in Great Britain
1945-01-11 1945-10-26 Deputy Master-General of Ordnance, Army Headquarters
1945-10-27 1946-04-09 Special Duties as Leader of the Scientific Mission to Japan
1946-04-10 1951-03-30 Attached to Economic & Scientific Section, Headquarters Supreme Commander Allied Powers Japan
1951-03-30 Retired
1951-04-03 Senior Supply Representative in Washington
Picture source: Courtesy of Paul Godley