The Generals of WWII

Generals from Australia Flag for Australia
Portrait of General John Northcott

Northcott, John


* 24th of March 1890

† 4th of August 1966


1935-07-01 Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel
1936-01-01 Colonel
1937-07-01 Brevet Colonel
1939-10-13 Colonel
1939-10-13 Local Major-General


1935-01-04 1936-01-12 Attending the Imperial Defence College [Great Britain]
1936-01-13 1936-04-01 Attending the Staff Officer's School Sheerness [Great Britain]
1936-04-03 1936-08-31 Attached to the Committee of Imperial Defence [Great Britian]
1936-09-01 1937-06-13 On loan to the Commonwealth Government in USA & Canada
1937-06-14 1938-08-31 General Staff Officer, 4th Australian Infantry Division
1938-09-01 1939-10-12 Director of Military Operations & Intelligence, Army Headquarters
1939-10-13 1941-08-31 Deputy Chief of the General Staff
1940-01-27 1940-03-17 Acting Chief of the General Staff
1941-09-01 1942-04-05 General Officer Commanding 1st Australian Armoured Division
1942-04-06 1942-09-09 General Officer Commanding II Australian Corps
1942-09-10 1945-XX-XX Chief of the General Staff
1946-02-XX 1947-XX-XX Commander in Chief British Commonwealth Occupation Force Japan
1946-XX-XX 1957-XX-XX Governor of New South Wales
Picture source: Courtesy of Paul Godley