The Generals of WWII

Generals from Australia Flag for Australia
Portrait of Brigadier Edward Michael Neylan

Neylan, Edward Michael


* 7th of July 1896

† 17th of January 1967


1940-06-01 Lieutenant-Colonel
1942-01-06 Temporary Colonel
1942-04-06 Temporary Brigadier
1942-09-01 Colonel
1948-10-04 Granted the Honorary rank of Brigadier


1940-06-01 1942-01-05 Commanding Officer 2nd/2nd Australian Anti-Aircraft Regiment
1942-01-06 1942-04-05 Commanding Officer 1st Australian Anti-Aircraft Brigade
1942-04-06 1942-05-07 Brigadier Royal Artillery (Anti-Aircraft), 1st Australian Army
1942-05-08 1943-05-10 Commanding Officer Anti-Aircraft Defences, New South Wales Lines of Communication Area
1943-05-11 1944-07-09 Brigadier Anti-Aircraft Artillery & Fixed Defences,1st Australian Army
1944-07-10 1945-02-25 Commander Royal Artillery, 5th Australian Infantry Division
1945-12-31 1947-03-11 Commandant of School of Artillery
1947-06-01 1947-12-06 District Officer Commanding 8th Military District
1948-10-04 Superintendent of Range, Long Range Weapons Experiments (Woomera), Army Branch, Department of Supple